To blog or not to blog…

Ha!  I have no idea if I am even posting anything on this website.  My basic intent is to find out opinions from people all over the world regarding their religious beliefs or lack of.  I have my own opinions and thoughts, but being agnostic, I just have absolutely no idea if there is a higher power or not? Science explains quite a bit for me.  I just cannot wrap my  head around the bible.  A book written about events written thousands of years after it happened…after what happened?  How does anyone know?   Shoot….the New Testament was only written a few hundred years after Christ and I still have a hard time accepting the truth in that!


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4 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog…

  1. Ever avoid a problem you had rather than face it directly? Ever ignore a problem? Ever try to pretend it wasn’t there at all? Ever imagine that everything was going to be ok? Take that to the extreme, and you have religion.

    Just like those aforementioned behaviors, religion does nothing more than temporarily boosts your mood. Problem’s still there. People continue their “belief” because, after awhile, they lose the ability to think rationally, and thus solve problems – their only remaining option is religion.

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  2. Emm, no. “Belief” is the same as irrationality. To maintain irrational “belief”, one has to cripple their own mind – assuming their intelligent enough to see the faults in “belief”. So, allowing religion to exist, even promoting it, is a crime against humanity.

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