Take the challenge

To believe or not believe…that is the question.  Is there an answer?  Unfortunately, there are so many answers to this question that it proves itself to be unbelievable.

I have been trying to get this blog out…which I am probably doing incorrectly because I have been a stay at home mom for the past 16 years and have no idea how to use this freaking technology!  Bear with me…I will figure it out eventually.

Last night I was discussing politics and religion.  I posted a picture of the news  with all the “JESUS” signs in the background.   I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT and there does not seem to be anyone willing to give me some reasoning behind religion being part of anything other than personal faith.

I then thought about the song “Imagine” by the Beatles and realized that’s exatly what I am talking about!

Please consider it.  Please come together as one.  We can all believe whatever we want to believe when it comes to god, a high power, or nothing at all.  This should not divide us but instead we should embrace our diversity and enjoy each other.

I sound so Idealistic but I DON’T CARE!!!   What is wrong with dreaming, hoping and working towards a world that is FANTASTIC because we are all in it together!!

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4 thoughts on “Take the challenge

  1. I love the concept, I really do, but here is my hang-up:

    The mere concept of diversity – i.e. embracing differences – implies that there are differences. The differences will create conflict, that is unavoidable, and when that conflict arises, how can it be handled? What if one faction creates a violent response based upon a perceived offense? How would that be handled?


    1. There are differences. That’s what makes our world so wonderful. There is no way of getting around it. I love the concept of “Imagine” and I know it is extremely idealistic. I simply feel that, if religion never existed, we might be in a more accepting world. And it might not be too bad when everyone accepts that they are responsible for their actions instead of blaming god or satan. We will always have the people that perceive everything in a negative direction. It is our responsibility to spin the negative into a positive every possible chance we get.

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      1. I’ve thought about that very thing at times…what if we eliminated religion? So, then our diversity comes down to race, color, nationalities, gender, sexualities, culture. What do we eliminate next? Nationalities, maybe? Now we are down to race, color, gender, sexualities, culture. Sexualities next? Okay…
        You see where I’m going, right? Eventually we eliminate differences instead of embracing them. Eventually, we will have a homogenized set or human beings perfect according to whom?
        It’s a perplexing matter, I agree, but I believe we are al responsible to treat one another decently…that’s the highest level of idealism we can ever achieve.


  2. We cannot choose what our race, color or nationalities are. Those are things that cannot be altered naturally. We can, however, choose our religion….or not. How will the elimination of religion alter society in a negative way? I don’t even know but I would love to hear some support for religion that is not based on faith alone.

    AND YES!! “we are all responsible to treat one another decently…” you are absolutely correct to place that as the highest level of idealism we can achieve. Awesome! Thank you!


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