How does religion fit into politics?


Is Jesus running for president?  I am confused.

As I get ready to watch the debate for President 2016 I am so disappointed.  There are signs in the background about Jesus…what does Jesus have to do with the election of the President of the United States?  I would like to think that where our government is concerned, it would be a conflict of interest for a President to have a bias towards a specific religion.  With religion being so important today, how can anyone decide who to vote for based on religious beliefs?  This would only work if there was a candidate that represented each religion.   Then we would need to represent each race….age….color….gets out of control.  In other words, religion should not have anything to do with the election.  The election should be about the issues and how the candidate will handle them.

Check out some information regarding Thomas Jefferson.  Can’t get more American than Thomas Jefferson…one of our FOUNDING FATHERS!  Many will be surprised when they find about Jefferson if they looked up his religious history!!

So again, I am challenging the masses to support their religious beliefs or lack of.  I am going to question and doubt until someone can come up with an answer other than faith. Every religion depends on faith…who is right?  Can anyone ever really know? Does patriotism correlate with religion?

#religionandpolitics #thehappyagnostic #jesusandthepresident #agnostic


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